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I am a vaccine-friendly doctor, a term first coined by pediatrician Robert Sears, MD, and now used by parents to identify medical doctors who do not dismiss families that choose to forgo some or even all vaccines. As a physician, I understand the importance of spacing out vaccines. I practice patient-centered medical care. I give vaccines in my office every day. However, I also recognize that we need to be vaccine-wise and recognize that all vaccines on the CDC’s schedule may not be right for all children at all times. My approach puts parents in the driver’s seat. I allow parents to tailor the best and safest vaccine schedule for their children. At the same time, I recommend lifestyle changes that support the immune system which lead to optimal health.


Vaccines are preventative medicine. Vaccines do not cure an illness. They give a boost to an already healthy immune system, so the body is less likely to succumb to a particular illness in the future. The CDC, the AAP, the National Institutes for Health, and the Institute of Medicine all agree that vaccines do not cause autism.  


I suggest that a parent investigate current vaccine research. Learn about the advancement of vaccines in the containment of infectious diseases while keeping the foundations of healthcare sound.


Dr. Green Moms

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Dr. Paul Thomas forgoes all vaccines during pregnancy, delays the hepatitis B shot until adolescence, spreads out over a longer period of time the aluminum-containing vaccines that have effectively kept children safe from harmful infectious diseases while preventing autism, autoimmune, seizures, and neurological disorders including learning disabilities.

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