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Your precious “Stork Delivery” is arriving soon.

There are just a few decisions we need to discuss before going to the hospital. I have compiled evidence based information to support you in making an informed decision on your baby receiving:  eye ointment, vitamin K shot, and the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Eye Ointment

Vitamin K


Hepatitis B Vaccines

Supplement with Goat Milk Formula

When labor begins, breast milk production begins. Your baby will be born full of mother’s blood that has a high level of glucose. The glucose will support your baby with nutrients until your breast milk arrives. Sometimes the glucose decreases faster than the breast milk is produced. If this were to happen to your baby, please give goat milk formula instead of the hospital’s cow milk formulas. You will need to pack and bring the goat milk formula and a bottle with you to the hospital. Kindly know that supplementing your baby with formula will not harm your baby in any way. In fact, goat milk formula will provide microbiome gut diversity and vitamin K. 


If you are going to give your baby oral vitamin K drops instead of the shot, please give your baby the first dose within the first 24 hours right after feeding. Vitamin K needs fat (milk)  to be absorbed.


Refer to my booklet “After the Stork has Delivered” for Dr. Roma’s personal newborn advice.

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