Phone Policy

Emergency Calls

Day or Night…Call 911

for any life-threatening emergencies... your child is not breathing or choking or has been knocked unconscious or is having  a seizure.

Call the practice…847-441-1000

for any minor emergencies... difficulty breathing or dehydration or laceration(s). Suturing can be done at our practice!

Call the hospital E.R.

for any possible broken bone(s)... the Emergency Room of most hospitals are equipped with radiography,  casting, and an immediate consult with an orthopedic surgeon if needed.

*Call  Poison Control Center… 800-942-5969

for any overdosing of a medication or ingestion of unknown substance(s). This center is medically staffed 24 hours a day and will immediately tell you what to do.

Sick Child

If your child is sick and you would like the physician to see him or her, please call our office for an appointment. If you are not sure if your child is sick enough to bring him or her to the physician, call our office for advice.  Dr. Franzia’s medical team is well educated to provide you with information to care for your child at home.  Any concerns that cannot be addressed by the team will be immediately brought to the physician’s attention. 

Well Child Questions

It is always our pleasure to provide you with healthful information regarding any of your child’s physical, emotional, academic, or social concerns.  The medical team or physician will return “Well Child” calls during office hours.

Prescription Refills

All prescription refills are done during office hours where your child’s chart is available for dosage, drug, and allergic reactions. If you are out-of-town and your child needs a refill, please have the phone number of a local pharmacy available.

Paging Dr. Franzia

Please know that you are never interrupting a physician’s life. Helping your child, especially when ill, is the top priority of any pediatrician, especially Dr. Franzia.  Please be aware that Dr. Franzia is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Paging Dr. Franzia after office hours or on the weekend or on holidays should be reserved for urgent problems that cannot wait until the next morning.  Dr. Franzia will return your page in 15 minutes.

Pager #: 224-422-0806


Please keep your contact phone numbers current with our office.