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Food Matters

Hippocrates laid down the foundations for modern medicine in Greece 400 bc:  “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” He believed the human body had an innate capacity for self-healing. “First, do not harm...let thy food be thy medicine.”  His “Hippocratic Oath” is still recited by medical doctors today. Since Hippocrates’ time however, our approach to treating illness has changed. Today’s doctors receive little, if any, training in nutrition. Modern medicine revolves around “a pill for every ill”. And that is the way the sickness industry wants to keep it. “Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow”, Dr. Linus Pauling (forty-eight PhDs and two unshared Nobel Prizes). FOOD MATTERS


Gather your friends and family, and prepare to be amazed by this mind-opening documentary that reveals:

  • How to use food as medicine to heal the body from chronic disease

  • Whether or not supplements & vitamins actually work

  • Why you should question where your food is coming from & whether or not it is safe

  • Natural therapy options for cancer, depression, & anxiety 

  • And so much more…


In Hungry For Change, you will learn:

  • The deceptive strategies the food industry uses to keep us feeling hungry and wanting more

  • The real truth behind food labeling - ‘fat-free’, ‘diet’, ‘low-fat’

  • How to overcome food addictions and cravings

  • How to navigate your supermarket - what to buy and what to avoid

  • The most effective detox and cleansing strategies to lose weight and feel your best

That Sugar Film  is one man’s journey to discover the bitter truth about sugar changing his normal diet containing no refined sugar to a “healthy-conscious diet low in fat”.


To compensate  taste, sugar was added to the “low fat foods” by the food manufacturers.  As a result, this man gained weight, grew lethargic, and developed fatty liver disease.


This is a film to see with your family for everyone to better understand why we should all not eat so much sugar!

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