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Please take some time to review your experience at my practice. Your comments would be very beneficial for anyone online seeking a pediatrician in the Chicago North Shore area. As always, your opinion is greatly appreciated. You can evaluate my practice at any or all of the following places: Yelp, Facebook, Vitals & Health Grades

If your looking for a pediatrician that really knows and cares for your children, then Dr. Roma is for you!  She has been our pediatrician for 14 years and has been there for my children to celebrate their milestones and to nurture and care for their illnesses.  She has a current and relevant approach with an old fashion grace.  We love and trust her with our greatest treasures!!

Megan C, Winnetka

I drive a distance for my children to receive Dr. Franzia's care- we pass several other Pediatrician's offices along the way because the care we receive from Dr. Franzia goes above and beyond. She has given 100% to my 3 children. She truly cares about them and has offered the most incredible support to their care. She diagnosed my daughter with a behavioral condition- when no one else could and supported us above and beyond during a time 2 of my children had surgery. Se offers continuity of care, same day appointments, immediate call backs, education and reference tools, and a comfortable and fun office for the children. Dr. Franzia is a true GEM, especially in this day and age of large practices and being treated like a number.

Katy M, Chicago

Dr. Roma Franzia sets the standard for what ALL doctors should aspire to and I truly wish I had a physician like her for myself!  She has been like a member of my family for over a decade. As a mother herself she treats her patients as she would her own children and as such I trust her judgement implicitly.  However, she also believes in and values my "mother's intuition" which is very important to me as I am by my own admission a high maintenance, hands on Mom!  As a solo practitioner she is the closest thing left to the old fashioned family doctor who knows all their patients personally and sees them all grow up.

Corey S, Winnetka

Dr. Roma is a fantastic doctor, we feel very lucky that she is our son's doctor. she is always available whether it be at the office or on the phone at 3am. her offices are beautiful and welcoming to anyone - including children, it's like a wonderland.

Stephanie A., Winnetka

We have been with Dr. Franzia's practice for 14 years and our experience has been flawless every step of the way with our two children.  From the moment we met her she has been deeply dedicated to our family.  My first child was in the ISCU after birth and she visited every day, helped us understand her condition and advocated for our daughter...and we weren't even her responsibility yet!  She is understanding, non-alarmist but serious, proactive in treatment and always on top of the latest information.  She treats the whole child.  I wish every family could experience her incredible, passionate care.  She is beyond compare.  Her office is a delight.  She is not only the best doctor you could ask for for your children but she is one of my idols in life for her approach to her work and her own daughters.  LOVE her!

Maria S, Evanston

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