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Supplement Quick Reference

  • Probiotic: Children under 2 years of age: 5 billion CFU daily with food. Children age 2-6: 5-10 billion CFU daily with food. Children >6: 25 Billion CFU daily with food.

  • Zinc: Children under 6 months of age: 7mg daily, or consult your healthcare provider (if you are nursing, take 30mg daily). Children 6 months- 2 years: 15mg daily. Children >2 years: 30mg daily

  • Vitamin A: Under 12 months of age: 450mcg (1500iu) daily, Age 1-3: 450mcg (1500iu) daily, age 4 and up: 900mcg (3000iu daily) or 1500mcg (5000iu) every other day

  • ​Omega-3 DHA: Under 12 months: 200-450mg DHA daily - Children and Adolescents: 450-900mg DHA daily

  • ​Vitamin D: Under 12 months of age: 400IU daily (10mcg), Age 1-5 years: 1000IU (25mg) per day, ages >6: 2000IU per day (with food)

  • ​Vitamin C:  Infants up to age 1 year: 125mg 2 x day, age 1-3: 250mg 2-3 times daily - sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate and ascoric acid are great choices - just pay attention to bowel tolerance. If diarrhea occurs, decrease the dosage.

  • ​Detoxification and Elimination Supplement (VaxClear): 10-30 lbs: 5-10 drops daily, 31-60 lbs: 10-20 drops daily, 61-100 lbs: 21-30 drops 1-2 times per day, over 100 lbs: 30 drops 2-3 times daily

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Begin Supplementation Two-Four Weeks Prior To Vaccination

(Continue a minimum 4 weeks post vaccination. Monthly vaccine visits will require continued supplementation.)

1. Start your child on a good probiotic. If you are still pregnant or nursing, mom should start one, too.

Research indicates probiotics raise immune response to protein antigens, the important component in vaccines that we want to mount a response against. Infants were vaccinated against DTaP, Hib, and polio. The results speak for themselves:

“..feeding LF19 (name of the probiotic) did not prevent infections, but increased the capacity to raise immune responses to protein antigens, with more pronounced effects in infants breastfed <6 months." [6]


When choosing a probiotic for your child, make sure the following strains are included. When studied, each of the following have shown to increase immunogenicity and/or support the immune system through vaccination:


L. casei

L. paracasei

L. rhamnosus

B. longum

B. bifidum

B. infantis


Note: Probiotics should be taken with food (rubbed around areola for nursing infant or wet your finger and dip it into the powder probiotic and have infant suck your finger).


For infant and adolescent probiotics that were specifically formulated to include the above strains around vaccination, visit the Dr. Green Mom® store.


2. Start your child on zinc, and if you are still pregnant or nursing, the zinc is in your prenatal vitamin.

3. Dose with vitamin A.

I love what vitamin A can do for the immune system. Check this out:

"Dietary supplementation with vitamin A to children has been used to improve antibody responses to several vaccines, including measles, tetanus, diphtheria, and polio." 


Another study in Africa:


"Vitamin A enhanced the antibody response to measles vaccine given at 9 months of age significantly, especially in boys. The effects were sustained over time; the children who had received vitamin A with their measles vaccine were more protected against measles at 6-8 years of age." [10]




"To protect against the consequences of vitamin A deficiency the World Health Organization recommends that high-dose vitamin A supplements be given together with routine vaccines to children between 6 months and 5 years of age in more than 100 low-income countries." [10]


Dosage recommendations of vitamin A set forth by the WHO, as measles treatment is this:


"A high dose of vitamin A is given immediately on diagnosis and repeated the next day. The recommended age-specific daily doses are 50 000 IU for infants aged <6 months, 100 000 IU for infants aged 6-11 months, and 200 000 IU for children aged ≥12 months." [11]


On a cautionary note:


I used to prescribe the WHO higher doses to kids prior to vaccination (seen above), however there is a study that has been done on vitamin A showing a lower dose for girls, in particular, was more effective and decreased the potential for side effects. Talk to your pediatrician about dosage recommendations that are right for your child. You can also visit our store, where my dosage recommendations are available.


4. Dose with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D’s crucial role in the innate and adaptive immune system/response has been studied for years and cannot be disputed at this point. Both vitamins A and D are critical to combat viral illness. Recently, researchers have taken an interest in the role vitamin D plays with regards to vaccination. 


Currently, there are ongoing vitamin D studies for measles, rubella, hepatitis B, pertussis, tetanus, influenza, meningococcal, pneumococcal, Haemophilus influenzas b (hib), to name a few. There has been evidence of increase in immunogenicity with vitamin D supplementation around vaccination so far.


I recommend vitamin D supplementation globally as a foundational approach to health, so around vaccination time I find it to be crucial for the immune system and potential immune response.


The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC recommends 400IU daily to breastfed and partially breasted infants. I recommend 400IU daily to all my pediatric infants and higher around vaccination. 


5. Dose with an omega-3 that includes high potency DHA along with EPA.

Omega-3 supplementation has neuromodulatory effects and decreases inflammation. There is great research that suggests positive anti-inflammatory effects with vaccination in certain populations. 

There are two ingredients to look for in a good omega-3 fish oil: DHA and EPA. DHA is highly beneficial for proper brain and nervous system development, so pregnant and nursing mothers, infants, and children mostly benefit. EPA is mostly beneficial for the cardiovascular system, hair, skin, and nails!


When choosing an omega-3 supplement, keep in mind it needs to be from a reputable company, ethically and sustainably sourced, and free from and/or third party tested for heavy metals and toxins. 




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Vitamin A

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Omega-3 DHA

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Vitamin D

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Vitamin C

VaxClear: Detoxification and Elimination

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