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Karen Raden - Integrative Nutritionist

The Nutritionist in the Know


Karen Raden MS, RD, CCN is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, with a Masters of Nutrition Degree. I am referred to as “The Nutritionist in the Know” because I KNOW that:

One size does NOT fit all!  Nutrition programs must be designed based on the science of one’s individual body chemistry.

In order to achieve your total wellness goals (including weight loss, vitality and increased health), you must look inside your body before you look out.

Put simply, we all may want to look great, but if we don’t feel great then we are merely half way there. By taking the time to listen and learn about each client’s health and wellness history, I am able to guarantee optimal results. This is absolutely the key reason why people who work with me achieve quick and long lasting results. In learning about your individual body chemistry, I will create personalized eating plans that are unique to you!  As a functional nutritionist, with an extensive knowledge of the science of nutrition (including recommended  lab testing  and the addition of the highest quality supplements), I will provide you with a simple step by step plan to easily gain balance, remove obstacles and allow you to achieve vibrant health.

Consider me your “VIP Nutritionist”. Let me help you, your family, friends or colleagues, wholesomely find freedom surrounding food. I will share my secrets to empowerment and know that you will have an easier time when eating optimally for your own unique physiology.

Join me..  Let’s start our wellness journey together.

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Insurance Accepted

50 minute session                $175

30 minute session                $125

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2-Step Registration for Karen Raden

Please complete the following steps before your first appointment with Karen. Existing patients of Dr. Roma only need to complete Step 2.

Step 1

Complete Enrollment Forms and email them to

Step 2

Complete Nutritional Questionnaire Form and email to

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