Wellness Coach - Robin Phillips-Berger


Each child is unique and a product of his/her genetic makeup, health history, lifestyle, and emotional profile. When our lives are combined with environmental toxins, processed foods, and more stress than in years past, our children today can experience a host of wellness issues.

To support you and your child on the journey to better health and wellness, our pediatric practice has partnered with Robin Phillips, a Functional Nutrition Counselor. Robin is driven to share her unique knowledge coupled with her passion with other parents. She has personally experienced the powerful impact of holistic living on balancing not only her own health and well-being, but also the healing her baby’s eczema.

Robin’s approach is not a typical, one-size fits all approach. Rather, she addresses the imbalances in each individual’s body by looking for the root cause(s). Robin addresses these issues through the utilization of food, lifestyle changes, and the addition of specific supplements to restore the correct balance required in the body to function at its optimum. Robin focuses on an individualized, personalized plan to strengthen the immune system, ensure proper digestion, encourage movement, and motivate lifestyle changes.


Robin begins your child’s journey to better health and well-being with a comprehensive history intake analysis, followed by specific, goal-setting steps, and, lastly, recommended treatment strategy/strategies. Through consistent and continuous tracking, assessment, and evaluation, finely-tuned adjustments are applied to that strategy to ensure success.


Robin is a licensed Professional Certified Coach, a licensed Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (CPC + ELI-MP), and a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.

Join me..  Let’s start our wellness journey together.

Functional Nutrition Coaching

Insurance Accepted

60 minute session                       $125

30 minute session                       $75

Pantry Assessment and Grocery Store Tour

Pantry Assessment is a service offered by Robin, our functional nutrition coach. Together, Robin will walk through your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator educating you on hidden sugars, chemicals and other ingredients that can cause a negative effect on your health. Robin will show you healthier alternatives and suggest new options based on your food preferences. 

Selecting items for Pantry  IMG_4256.jpg

In addition, her Grocery Store Tour will explore and expose you to new foods, tips on how to shop for healthier snack alternatives aka “food swaps” and must have organic items. This is a personalized, custom tour based off of your needs and lifestyle. Make it fun for the whole family, bring the kids along too. It’s never too early to learn how to navigate labels and understand what foods fuel the body. 

Pantry Assessment and Grocery Store Tour

Insurance Not Accepted

$150 an hour

Shopping at the Grocery Store  IMG_4226.

Please contact office to schedule appointment.