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A Vaccine Alternative...

Homeoprophylaxis is a method of disease prevention that has been practiced for over 200 years. Homeoprophylaxis is the use of diluted disease products called “nosodes”. Nosodes contain no additives, no preservatives, no detergents, no foreign DNA or unknown viruses and are administered by mouth. Homeoprophylaxis does not produce antibodies like vaccines, but will effectively exercise and educate your child’s immune system in a logical way like a Wikipedia page…while providing life-long immunity. Homeoprophylaxis provides the individual with information prior to exposure to disease, so that upon exposure the individual will be able to respond more quickly and effectively to the disease, if exposed.

History of Homeoprophylaxis

Homeoprophylaxis clinical effectiveness has been recorded by Homeopathy doctors of medicine since 1798. Vaccines were first used in 1796. 


Samuel Habneman, MD (1755-1843), the father of Homeopathy, was treating a family with four children in 1801 when three of them contracted scarlet fever. The fourth child, who was under his care for another illness, had been taking homeopathic Belladonna. This fourth child never contracted scarlet fever. Dr. Hahnemann deduced the Belladonna was acting preventatively. His next opportunity to see if this was an accurate deduction was when three children in a family of eight were stricken with scarlet fever. He immediately gave the five well children Belladonna. None of the five fell ill, despite exposure to their siblings. His hypothesis was correct.This remarkable result was discovered when the attack rate of scarlet fever was at 90%.


Cristoph Hufeland, described as the greatest German clinician of the late 18th century, contributing to the endorsement of Belladonna as an effective homeoprophylaxis was an article published in The Lancet in 1829.  From 1853 to 1998, there were six trial publications of five epidemics of Scarlet Fever, Smallpox, two of Influenza and Meningitis. They demonstrate effectiveness of 92.9%, 97.5%, 86%, 86.1%, 92.4% (average 97%).


In the 1957 polio epidemic in San Francisco and Chicago, 300 children were given the

Lathyrus Homeoprophylaxis and no cases of polio developed, while many children given the Salk polio vaccine contracted the disease. In the 1957 Buenos Aires epidemic, Lathyrus Homeoprophylaxis was distributed to 40,000 people and not one case was contracted.


Australian Dr. Isaac Golden is the present-day authority on Homeoprophylaxis and the author of the largest long-term study into Homeopathic Immunization safety and effectiveness. In 1985, there were no published homeoprophylaxis programs that could be used in place of the recommended childhood vaccine schedule. Dr. Golden conducted a study from 1985-2004 demonstrating the 90.4% effectiveness of long-term homeoprophylaxis for infectious childhood diseases.

Homeoprophylaxis or Vaccination

There are two disease prevention methods available today: Homeoprophylaxis and Vaccination. Neither method is 100% effective. The most effective method of disease prevention is previous exposure to that disease, however even this is not infallible.



  • Both aim to prevent disease.

  • Both introduce a disease agent into the body. 

  • Both intend to stimulate immunity prior to exposure to disease.

  • Both methods of disease prevention are not 100% effective.



  • Energetic “nosode” dose is derived from a pure germ, viral culture, or human discharge in response to the infectious disease. 

  • The infectious disease germ/viral culture/human discharge is diluted and succussed nineteen times to contain no remaining molecules of the disease germ. 

  • The nosode is then placed into a dissolvable sugar pellet for oral administration.

  • No additives, no preservatives, no detergents, no foreign DNA or unknown viruses.

  • A single disease is given one at a time.

  • Stimulates general immune system response before specific immune system response, resulting in an immune system function similar to natural disease exposure. 

  • Fulfills susceptibility to that acute disease by making the person less likely to contract the disease.

  • Lessens overall susceptibility of an individual’s immune system to acute and chronic disease resulting in a robust immune system.


  • Material dose; live, attenuated, or killed virus, bacteria, or toxin, in crude dose.

  • Additives of antibiotics and human/non-human DNA and mRNA.

  • Adjuvants to stimulate greater inflammatory response.

  • Preservatives such as mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum.

  • Injected via a “shot” directly into the bloodstream resulting in an immune system function that is not similar to natural disease exposure.

  • Multiple infectious diseases given at once.

  • Targets specific antibody production without stimulating the general immune system response.

  • Vaccines create a temporary elevation in antibodies rather than the life-long immunity that would come from natural exposure. 

  • Vaccines need to be repeated in booster shots in order to maintain a sufficient level of antibodies in the blood.

Points to Remember...

  • CDC 2024 vaccination schedule recommends 48 immunizations (shots) to 16 vaccines (diseases) by 2 years old, given up to 9 diseases at a time.

  • More vaccines do not equal more wellness.

  • Increased antibodies levels may not be synonymous with immunity.

  • Additives, adjuvants, and preservatives carry risks.

  • Homeoprophylaxis satisfies the process of naturally acquired disease by providing a tiny dose of the disease, but without any of the risks.

Applying Homeoprophylaxis...

  • Homeoprophylaxis is available at Dr. Roma Franzia’s Pediatric Practice.

  • Dr. Roma will provide the nosodes of the diseases and support along the way as questions arise. 

  • The nosodes will be purchased from a FDA approved homeopathic pharmacy in the UK. 

  • Monthly dosing schedule will be completely flexible, one disease at a time.

  • Customization of an individual schedule will be dependent on the season of the year, the birth order of the child, and whether or not the child will be attending daycare/school.

  • Homeoprophylaxis may be started at any age regardless of prior vaccines. The program is designed to begin at one month of age, but can be initiated at any age. 

  • All nosodes are administered orally. 

  • The first month consists of a single dose of the named disease nosode.The following month a triple dose of the same named disease nosode.

  • No side effects or adverse reactions have ever been reported.

  • Immunity lasts 5 years after the completion of this schedule.

Homeoprophylaxis Cost

$40 Per Dose

Insurance does not allow for submission.

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