Fever Does NOT Cause Brain Damage

Fever is our friend.  It is a positive sign that the body is fighting an infection.  A fever is a temperature that is 100.5 F or more.  A child with a fever is often fussy, sleepy, and flushed (red to face).
A body’s response to a fever will cause a child’s heart rate to increase and breathing to become faster.  Do not feel that it is urgent to treat a fever with medication or something bad will happen to your child.  The only thing that a fever does cause eventually is dehydration and in rare cases a febrile seizure as the temperature elevates between the ages of 6 months to 6 years with a family history of febrile seizures.
Some physicians prefer not to treat a fever allowing the body to remain at a high temperature so that the virus/bacteria cannot survive. In my practice, I prefer to treat simply because the child with a fever usually is too tired to want to drink fluids and then becomes dehydrated.  I recommend treating with acetaminophen.  It is safe.  Ibuprofen is also an option but since it is absorbed into the body via the stomach, it can cause a child with a fever to vomit.  Tylenol is absorbed via the intestine and bypasses stomach irritation.  It is for this reason that you can treat also with acetaminophen suppositories especially if your child has a fever with vomiting.
The shedding of a virus/bacteria infection is high when your child has a fever.  It is for this reason that your child should only return to school 24 hours after the fever is gone. 
Take care and Stay well,
   Dr. Roma Franzia

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