Does My Child Have Strep Throat?

Most children will awake in the morning with a bit of a sore throat due to mouth breathing while sleeping. Some sips of water should take care of this sore throat. But if your child awakes with a sore throat and stomach ache… think strep throat. Strep throat can be subtle in the beginning before progressing to fever, headache, fatigue, and body aches. Strep throat spreads very easily through the air of an infected student. If is for this reason that you will want to take your child to the doctor at first suspicion. Your child’s pediatrician might diagnose and treat immediately or might culture and wait for the result before starting a course of antibiotics. A patient with strep throat will need to start antibiotics within the first 10 days of symptoms in order to prevent serious complications. Once your child has started antibiotics then your child may return to school 24 hours later. Your child will also need to be without a fever for 24 hours. A fever is 100.5 F or more.

Take care and Stay well,
Dr. Roma

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